Autumn is when the wild animals are out foraging for food to either store in their dens or fatten up for the upcoming Winter. 

This month we’ve created a free colouring activity encompassing Berries and Wild Animals that encourages: 

  • Fine motor skill development through colouring
  • Counting and math skills 
  • Identification of different types of animal footprint tracks and who they belong to, and what different types of berries look like
  • Discovery of what types of berries can be found in the wild, that the pictured animals eat
  • Problem-solving skills of how many berries each animal ate and ultimately who ate the most

We hope you enjoy this fun, free resource.

Click the link to download this colouring activity from  Planet Designs Kids Free Downloads on our website.

Here are some idea’s on how to extend this colouring activity further:

  • Research what berries each pictured animal likes to eat. 
  • Create a table showing what berries each animal likes to eat. Individually cut out each pile of berries and each animal. Draw a table that is 9 squares down x 9 squares across. Leaving the 1st left square on the top line blank, place a picture of each animal in a new square going down the left side of the table, and place each type of berry in a new square going across the top line of the table.  Each animal will have a line of blank squares to its right which is where you can place a tick for each type of berry it eats. To make it easier to read results colour the line of results for each animal a different colour. Table your research of what berries each animal likes to eat by placing a tick in each berry box on the line of that animal. This will show what berries each animal likes to eat, and what berries are the most popular / least popular. 
  • Cut out the pictured footprint tracks and animals. Mix them up then try to match up the correct prints to the correct animal. (*If the animal had 4 feet we’ve drawn 1 front and 1 back footprint).

To download or print using the above links: 

* Planet Designs Kids Free Downloads (on our website) - click the “Planet Designs Kids Free Downloads” link and it will take you to the free downloads page on our website. Put in your email address and you’ll have free access to all of our free colouring activities. Click “Continue”, then on the page you want click “Download”, and it will then be saved in your downloads folder where you can print it.

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