Biomes colouring activity

Biomes of the earth to colour & identify the pollution in each different biome. Great resource for World Clean Up Day. Designed by Planet Designs Kids.

September is the month to get involved in “World Clean Up Day”. 

You can volunteer to help in an organised event or do your own thing to clean up our planet. 

Along the theme of “World Clean Up Day” we have created a colouring activity illustrating 6 biomes of our world.  

What is a Biome? Simply put, a biome describes the world’s major communities of living things. Each biome has areas with similar plants, animals, climate and geography. 

When we clean up our world and it’s biomes, we are removing the rubbish and pollution that doesn’t belong there. 

In our colouring activity, can you colour in the biomes, and circle each type of common pollution you find?  

You can extend this activity further with the following research/study ideas:

  • Explore what other biomes scientists suggest are in the world (we just focused on 6).
  • What biomes can be found within the town/country you live?
  • What can you/your class do to help clean up the world?
  • What is the difference between a Habitat and a Biome?
  • Explore what animals live in each biome? 
  • What other types of pollution can be commonly found in these biomes?
  • Research how different types of pollution affect a biome and the living things within it (eg. the plants and animals).
  • Outdoor Activity - could be once off or monthly activity. Pick an area to clean up eg. school yard, playground, local parkland, bush/forest trail. Make up a tally board and write/draw a picture of each piece of rubbish/pollution you found & cleaned up. Have a tally of how many pieces there were of each type & see if a pattern occurs over time. Research how long each type of rubbish takes to break down in the environment. Where appropriate, let leaders of the area you cleaned up know what rubbish you’ve found so they can address the issue, eg put up a sign reminding people to put rubbish in a bin, or have a school announcement.

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