Christmas Ornaments colouring activity

For this festive season we’ve created 2 free pages of Christmas Ornaments to colour and cut out. Each page has 6 pairs of shapes, each with a different festive animal and a small circle at the top which you can hole punch and:

  • Thread a wire or piece of string to hang ornaments as decorations on your Christmas Tree.
  • Thread them on a long piece of string to create a garland to hang on a wall, across a window or on a Christmas Tree.
  • Stick them with tack or tape to a window as a festive mural.
  • Make a Festive Game by mixing them up and then matching the pairs of shapes (we suggest you laminate them to keep them in good condition).
  • Stick the matching shapes back to back and hang them up so when the decoration spins in the breeze each side will show a picture.
  • Stick the matching shapes back to back, laminate, then punch hole in top and thread a coloured ribbon through the hole as a tassel, so can be used as a festive bookmark or given as a gift. 
  • Use the ornaments as gift tags.

On Page 1

The animals include a: Polar Bear, Elephant, Frog, Camel, Turkey, Robin, Fox, Crab, Squirrel, Donkey, Hummingbird & Ladybird.

The ornament shapes include a: circle, Santa hat, square, triangle, heart & Christmas Tree.

On Page 2

The animals include a: penguin, butterfly, clown fish, humpback whale, reindeer, bee, ox, llama, owl, merino sheep, lion & turtle.

The ornament shapes include a: star, Christmas angel, oval, rectangle, bell & diamond.

Click the link to download this colouring activity from Planet Designs Kids Free Downloads on our website. Remember there are 2 pages to download.

Here are some ideas on how to extend this colouring activity further:

Play a search and find game with the ornaments using skills of problem-solving, identification and counting.

  • Can you name the ornament shapes? Answer: Circle, Santa hat, square, triangle, heart, Christmas Tree, star, Christmas angel, oval, rectangle, bell & diamond.  How many did you find? 12
  • Can you find all the ornaments with birds on them? Answer: Penguin, Owl, Turkey, Robin and Hummingbird.  How many did you find? 5
  • Can you find the ornaments with animals that live in the sea? Answer: Crab, Turtle, Humpback Whale, Clown Fish, Penguin and Polar Bear. NB: Polar Bears are marine mammals because they depend on the ocean, which includes the frozen sea ice, for food and habitat.  How many did you find? 6
  • Can you find all the ornaments with animals that can fly? Answer: Turkey, Robin, Hummingbird, Butterfly, Bee, Owl and Ladybird.  How many did you find? 7
  • Can you find all the ornaments with animals that have 4 legs? Answer: Reindeer, Ox, Llama, Sheep, Lion, Polar Bear, Elephant, Frog, Camel, Fox, Squirrel and Donkey.  How many did you find?12
  • Can you find all the ornaments with animals that have fins or flippers? Answer: Penguin, Clown Fish, Humpback Whale, Turtle. How many did you find? 4

Some other question ideas: 

  • Find the animals that have… fur, wool, horns, hooves.  
  • Sort the animals by what they eat: herbivores/omnivores/carnivores
  • Do any of the animals live near you? 
  • Have you seen any of these animals in the wild or in a zoo?
  • What climate do the animals each like? eg Hot or Cold
  • Which animal is your favorite?

Research the habitats that each animal lives in. 

We would like to thank everyone who has downloaded our colouring activities and purchased merchandise this year. Your support and encouragement mean so much, and we hope your Christmas Season is filled with joy and peace.

From the team at Planet Designs Kids.

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We hope you enjoy this free educational resource.

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