Compost worm maze activity

It was “International Compost Awareness Week” at the beginning of May so to celebrate this we have drawn a compost maze for you to colour in and then draw the path that will take the worm from the top of the compost pile down to the other worms at the bottom. 

Do you compost at home?  All of us can improve our soils health and biodiversity by composting. 

What you can put in your compost bin?

Vegetable and fruit scraps, old flower pruning’s, twigs, leaves, lawn clippings, tea bags and coffee grounds, shredded paper and cardboard, straw and untreated sawdust, used potting mix, fish bones, and crushed egg shells. Just remember that if your compost bin has worms in it, their mouths are little so chop up your compost into small pieces so the worms can work through it faster.

If you want to find out more information on composting go to the International Compost Awareness Week website: 

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