Easter maze colouring activity

This month we have created an Easter themed colouring activity, maze and teachable life skill opportunity all in one. 

In our colouring activity the bunny at the top of the hole has forgotten to clean their room, so needs help to find a way through the mess to the Easter Eggs at the bottom.

Teaching children to tidy their own messy rooms is teaching them life skills of organization, cleanliness, respect for what they have, responsibility, prioritization, good work ethics and pride that you believe they can do it.

The activity is set out as a maze to encourage problem solving skills and the colouring component is to practice motor skills whilst having fun.

Click the link to download this colouring activity from Planet Designs Kids Planet Designs Kids Free Downloads on our website or on our Pinterest account.

Here are some idea’s on how to extend this colouring activity further :

  • Discuss how helpful it is to clean up your room. eg You can find things easily that you want to use or play with. It keeps your items in a safe place so they don’t get broken. It prevents tripping hazards. 
  • The bunnies messy room is filled with Easter Egg decorating supplies. Identify what each item is and tally how many of them are in the messy room. eg How many paint tins? = 2        How many Paste (glue) pots? = 2   
  • Give directions for children to follow eg Can you colour all the paint brushes blue? Can you colour all the carrots orange? Depending on the number of children doing the activity you could ask the children to pick what colour to use on items for everyone to follow. 
  • Use the activity sheet as a search and find. Can you find a spotty bow? Or once the activity has been coloured ask your child to find specific objects in the colour they’ve used. eg They’ve coloured a bunny purple - Can you find the purple bunny?
  • Assign cleaning tasks for children to do at the end of the activity. eg You can clean up the pencils or You can wipe down the table. 
  • Make a chores chart for a day, or a week of clean up duties. Each time a clean up duty has been done put a Sticker or draw a smiley face next to the activity. At the end of the day/week if they’ve done the chores, do something as a reward.eg read a special book, spend some extra time at the park, have fun baking the child’s favorite flavor of cup cakes with them.  Clean up chores could include: making their bed, putting away toys, matching socks in clean laundry, putting dirty clothes in the laundry, hand washing dishes (obviously not the sharp items or breakable objects), helping put away clean dishes from a dishwasher into a cupboard, picking up a pet’s toys and putting them away, raking dry leaves in the yard to go into the compost bin (you just might need to jump into the pile a few times for fun before they go into compost). 
  • There are also many ways to make cleaning fun. eg Put on a favorite song to clean to, Have a clock and see how many things can be put away in 2 minutes, Play a game of “Eye Spy what’s not been put away” - see if child can guess item you’ve eye spied and when they guess it they (or you both) can put it away, then it’s their turn to eye spy something to put away.

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