Habitats Colouring Page

White Heron hunting frogs in its natural habitat of a waterhole with reedy grass around it. Photo taken by Planet Designs Kids.

With ‘World Habitat Day’ at the beginning of October it prompted us to think about habitat conservation and firstly ask the question: 

What is a Habitat?

Simply put, a Habitat is the natural home or environment where a plant, animal, organism or human lives.

The second question we asked ourselves was: 

How many Habitats are there in the World?

If you Google this question you get so many different answers, which is understandable when you consider just how many plants, animals, and organisms there are in the world. Then you need to consider how many plants, animals  and organisms may have needed to adapt their natural home environment to somewhere else due to habitat loss or other pressures. 

We decided to follow the National Geographic Kids website and just cover 8 main habitats in our ‘Habitats Colouring Page’ this week which include: Grassland, Polar, Desert, Mountain, Temperate Forest, Freshwater, Ocean, and Rainforest. We hope this colouring page will provide you an opening to discuss the different habitats of our world, the inhabitants that call it home, and the varying pressures they face.

A free colouring page of 8 main Habitats of earth including: Grasslands, Polar, Desert, Mountain, Temperate Forest, Freshwater, Ocean & Rainforest. Perfect for World Habitat Day, habitat conservation & environmental studies. Designed by planetdesigns.net

For more information about the 8 habitats we’ve included on our colouring page go to www.https://kids.nationalgeographic.com/nature/habitats

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