Mushroom Fungi Colouring Page

A pine forest landscape with mushrooms, fungi, glowing mushrooms, tree trunks, stumps, logs, moss & ferns to colour in.

Did you know that magical things happen in the forest at night? It’s true, we’ve seen it with our own eyes!  

It may be cold, and dark, and very quiet but if you are in the right place at the right time of year then you may just see the magic come to life.  We followed the trail into the forest, through the misting rain, over logs and under the tall pine tree branches until we reached the spot where the Ghost Mushrooms grow. A soft green glow here and a brighter glow over there, dotted across the forest floor and perched upon the tree stumps were the glowing (bioluminescent) mushrooms. A truly magical sight and the inspiration for our “Mushroom Fungi Colouring Page”.  So you know which mushrooms to colour fluorescent green, follow the links on the main page to Planet Designs Overland Instagram or Facebook where you can see photo’s of Ghost Mushrooms we captured on our recent visit to “Ghost Mushroom Lane”.  

If you’d like to visit “Ghost Mushroom Lane” it’s located in Glencoe, about 15 minutes from Mount Gambier in South Australia. You’ll need to book a ticket through the Forestry SA website:

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