Pollinators colouring page

In Spring we see gardens come alive with bright coloured flowers and blossoms that fragrance the air, from low on the ground to high in the tree tops.  All the colours and scents are uniquely designed by nature, to attract insects and animals to them to help with pollination. Whilst the insects and animals feed on the pollen, nectar and petals, some pollen will get stuck to them, so when they move on to eat from the next flower, the pollen rubs onto the new flower and pollinates it. This is a continual cycle that keeps spreading pollen between flowers whilst the insects and animals eat and move about. Because they help with the pollination process, they are called “Pollinators”.  

We’ve created a free “Pollinators Colouring Page” to show you some of the different pollinators around the world, and celebrate Australian Pollinator Week from the 12th - 20th November 2022.

Click the link to download this colouring activity from Planet Designs Kids Planet Designs Kids Free Downloads on our website or on our Pinterest account.

Here are some idea’s on how to extend this colouring activity further for studies about pollinators & pollination:

  • Design a tally sheet, go outside on an excursion to your garden, local park, orchard, farm or bushland and record the different species of pollinators you find. Tally how many of each species you see.
  • Explore the varied species of pollinators locally and globally 
  • Help your pollinators by planting flowering plants that flower at different times of the year in your garden or school yard. 
  • You could think big and ask your local government office if you/your class could assist planting flowering shrubs and trees in a local park.
  •  Put a bird bath or dish of water in your garden for your local pollinators to drink from.
  • If you’ve got a garden reduce using pesticides.
  • For an art & craft activity make an “Insect Hotel” to hang in your garden. See Pinterest or Google for steps on how to create these.

We hope you enjoy this colouring activity and it inspires you to help conserve these important species. 

To download or print using the above links: 

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