Rhino species colouring page

There are 5 species of Rhinoceros left in the world and 3 of these species have made it onto the Critically Endangered category of the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species after assessments done in 2020. 

With “World Rhino Day” in September we thought this a great time to help raise awareness of this incredible species. 

In our free printable colouring page we have drawn each species of Rhinoceros in its natural habitat from the biggest to smallest. The biggest is the White Rhino,  then the Greater One-Horned Rhino (also known as the Indian Rhino), being around the same size are the Black Rhino and Javan Rhino (also known as the Lesser One-Horned Rhino), and the smallest is the Sumatran Rhino.

Click the link to download this colouring activity from  Planet Designs Kids Free Downloads on our website.

Here are some idea’s on how to extend this colouring activity further:

  • Research and discuss the IUCN Red List assessments for each Rhino species. 
  • Math based activity - Create a chart of the populations of each species? 
  • Geography based activity - Get out a map of the world and highlight where each species lives? 
  • Biology based activity - Research what different habitats the species live in. Explore if any of the species have distinctive characteristics, and how they may have evolved to adapt to their unique habitats?  
  • Discuss what are the threats to each species and possible solutions?

To download or print using the above links: 

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